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What is HA 104/Series 500

HA 104 is a specification that sets out procedures and defines materials for the best possible performance of manholes and gullies when being installed and maintained on roads. Originally developed by the Highways Agency in 2002 it has now been adopted by DRD Roads Service, National Roads Authority and the Department of Transport. The specification applies to all classifications of roads throughout Ireland. In March 2015 the national roads authority re-termed this under ‘Series 500’ as part of the specification for road works.

Why was HA 104 Introduced?

Research has shown that premature failure in the bedding material is one of the main factors contributing to poor performance of chamber tops and gully top installations. It has been shown that conventional materials, procedures and material specifications have become superseded by more recent product developments, and results of research have led to an improved specification for the bedding material; HA 104.

With an ever increasing awareness of the need to ensure work is carried out to the best possible performance and to reduce the need to go back and reinstate collapsed road furniture, the HA introduced a specification benchmark for local authorities to work from.

Is HA 104 relevant to roads in Northern Ireland?

Yes, the DRD Roads Service adopted HA 104 in August 2002 and it is to be applied to all roads including, motorways, dual carriageways, trunk roads, A and B class roads.

Is HA 104 relevant to roads in Republic of Ireland? (Also Known as Series 500)

Yes, the National Roads Authority adopted HA 104 in October 2009 and it is to be applied to all national roads including, motorways, dual carriageways and trunk roads. In December 2010 the Department of Transport adopted HA 104 for all regional roads and works carried out by City and County Councils. . In March 2015 the national roads authority re-termed this under ‘Series 500’.

How do I comply with HA 104/Series 500

By using a bedding mortar that meets the requirements set out within of the specification in particular the correct compressive and tensile strengths. Emtek’s Envirobed HA104 is the new generation high performance mortar that has been developed in line with this, ensuring that you gain the most effective and durable ironwork reinstatements that can be easily applied and quickly re-opened to traffic.

Watch the HA 104 / Series 500 Demo Video’s

Step 1 – Break out the failed ironwork

Step 2 – Prepare the chamber area

Step 3 – Check levels

Step 4 – Mix HA 104 compliant Bedding Mortar

Step 5 – Apply HA 104 compliant Bedding Mortar to chamber

Step 6 – Place manhole frame on HA 104 compliant Bedding
Mortar and tamp level

Step 7 – After 15 minutes the HA 104 compliant Mortar has

Step 8 – Apply suitable backfill & prepare wearing course

Step 9 – Compact the appropriate wearing course and open
to traffic


A guide to understanding HA104 / Series 500 - Emtek Product